Mapping Dream

In “Digital Gap During COVID for VET Learners at Risk in EU” 06/2020, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training “Cedefop” clearly stresses that the needs of VET system and trainers are in the:

• Lack of digital skills to efficiently use platforms.
• Poor experience to create digital content.

Given the need for relevant information for the subsequent development of the training toolkit, and taking into account the above findings, the consortium will carry out a mapping and stock taking of Digital Entrepreneurship challenges for MSMEs.

In this way, partners will identify the needs, trends, opportunities, dynamics, most relevant skills, and challenges faced by MSMEs in a post-pandemic context, especially in terms of socio-economic environments, employment and VET ecosystems in the consortium countries (France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Slovenia, and EU-wide) through a common mapping methodology.

Outcomes related to skills needs will be benchmarked against the Digital Competence Framework for Citizens “DigComp” and the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework “EntreComp” to ensure applicability and validity across EU.


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